Tunagoo is a tool that will help connect individuals who are willing to be a guide to Japan for travelers.

Usage is simple and requires minimal steps.

You first send a message to the guide whom you're interested in. From there the door is open for a journey, and you can also order a tailor made tour .

It is just like meeting a friend in a foreign land. You can both share many surprising things and learn much about each other's culture.

Japan's beautiful four seasons.
A unique photo spot you want to proudly share with your friends.
A local restaurant you will not find in any guide book.

The tool that will connect you to those wonderful experiences.
That is the sole purpose of Tunagoo.
And in Japanese the sounds of ''Tunagoo '' means ''Connect''.

It is our pleasure for you to have a fun and relaxing time that you won't forget with a unique guide.

[Experience everyday life in Japan using Tunagoo]
This is our way of welcoming you for nothing in return.