How many languages can guides speak on Tunagoo ?
Tunagoo has many guides that can speak several languages, it depends on their individual background.
Now we support English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Cambodian(Khmer) , Vietnam language, (more are coming soon)
You can enjoy Japan with any of the guides when they are available.
They will make your trip more impactful and historical. Let’s find your unique guide by viewing their photos and profile.
How can I prevent cancellation of guides? (For example, they don’t come to pick up)
When you book the guide, both guest and guide must make a security deposit.
If either the guide or guest doesn't show up, then that person does not get a return of the deposit.
What must I prepare before using Tunagoo?
You need to send your scan of ID (Passport or Driver’s license) before you book.
Depending on the guide, some cases may not require a scan of ID.
I don’t have credit card, Can I use Tunagoo by cashing?
We apologize for the inconvenience, however we only accept credit card payments.
Handling of cash can sometimes make relationships more complicated and difficult.